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Italian Design Inspection Machine Model: Nirvana (ABB+RR+ACP)

Greige Inspection Machine



Yes this machine exists and is made in India with Italian Know-How. Nirvana is the combination of Italian design Fabric Inspection cum Rolling machine - Desire and Auto-Cut-Pack-ACP, but to add the charm, Inspection and Grading software (IGS) with touch screen can be installed with Auto-Cut Module. After mapping fabric batch can be feed and put to Auto-CutPack mode, where fabric is autostopped at accurate mapping length and performs Auto-cutting, Auto-Ejection, Auto-Roll Dia. and length Detection, Auto Ploy wrapping, Auto-Sealing, Auto- Hot air Blowing and finally Auto-Doffing to conveyors for Auto-sorting. Auto- weighing and Barcoding are additional features with IGS software. All these can be performed by single unskilled operator. It also produces Sample, removes seam/stitch layer, desired meter Folder and online Reports.