Fabric Inspection Machinery In The Textile Industry

In the textile industry, inspection is a systematic process of examining the quality of raw materials and partially finished components. It is also employed on finished fabrics to check if they meet the required specifications and standards. Generally, the inspection process takes place in a loop. It starts with an inspection, followed by defect detection, feedback to designated personnel, determining the causes of defects, and taking corrective measures. The quality of the final garment largely depends on the quality of the fabrics. Therefore, the foremost objective of an inspection is to detect defects as early as possible in the production process. To ease this process, inspection machine manufacturers have introduced a variety of fabric inspection machines with robust functionality. Let’s explore these must-have inspection machines in the textile industry.

Different Fabric Inspection Machinery

Manual Inspection Machines

The manual inspection system is the elementary level of fabric inspection. It involves visual inspection of fabrics on horizontal or slanted inspection tables, usually illuminated from top and bottom. The inspector can pull the fabric over the lighted inspection table to locate, mark, and record the defects on the inspection form manually. A fabric guide roll is attached to the top of the machine to facilitate the easy flow of fabric. If you install an edge guide along with a meter counter to guide, you can have accurate measurements. The fabric rolls are mounted behind the inspection table under adequate light and re-rolled after the completion of the inspection. The manual machine is a simple, relatively low-cost, entry-level fabric inspection machine. 

Greige Inspection Machines

The greige fabric inspection machines are computerized vision inspection machines. These machines can automatically detect, locate, mark, and grade weaving defects on greige as well as several industrial fabrics. Some benefits of using greige fabric inspection machines are as follows:

  • They facilitate continuous fabric quality improvement.
  • The expenses involved in the inspection and operation through these machines are substantially low.
  • They deliver fabrics with reliable and consistent quality standards.
  • The measurement and other data are accurate and reliable.
  • They can effectively reduce customer claims.

Finished Fabric Inspection Machines

The finished fabric inspection machines are typically multi-function inspection machines that can work with the simplicity of a single operator. These machines have the following benefits:

  • They can significantly reduce time, resources, and labor deployment.
  • These machines can detect any visible defects, from yarn and weaving faults to finishing irregularities.
  • They ensure high-quality fabric delivery with minimum wastage.
  • The automated machines guarantee the tensionless handling of fabrics for enhanced quality.
  • They form a reliable system of inspection by consistently maintaining a quality standard.

Knitted Fabric Inspection Machines

Knitted fabric inspection machines identify defects on delicate fabrics like silk, knits, and elastics. Further, they can also detect incorrect sizes of the fabrics. The multi-drive synchronization technology of these machines ensures the tensionless detection of fabric rolls. They come with anti-crease rollers that remove all creases before rolling the fabrics. Additionally, these automated inspection machines are known for their ability to reduce time, space, and labor deployment significantly.

Getting Started With B-Tex Textile Machinery

Fabric inspection machinery is an essential part of the textile and apparel industry. It eases the process of defect detection with lesser time and more efficiency of production. If you are looking for advanced machinery for your textile inspection, B-Tex is the one-stop solution for you. With years of industry experience, we introduce a range of technology-driven inspection machines to suit your requirements. Our automated machines have an integration of 4-point software (IGS) to enhance high-quality fabric production with minimum wastage. To get a demo of our high-tech machinery or for any further queries, drop us a line here.