Fabric Folding Machine | Understanding Its Role During Fabric Inspection

Fabric Folding Machine

Fabric inspection is an extensive process comprising various stages of checking fabric defects. It includes unwinding of fabric rolls, checking, defect mapping, spreading, cutting, and rewinding fabrics for ease of transportation and delivery. To ensure quality fabric inspection, top inspection machine manufacturers have introduced various machines to enhance the productivity of each stage of inspection. In this article, we will specifically discuss the role of fabric folding machines during the inspection of fabrics in the textile machine industry.

What Is a Fabric Folding Machine?

Fabric folding is the process of winding fabrics into clean, stretch-free folded form for easy packaging and transportation. It is the stage of fabric inspection that follows the defect mapping and cutting process. Inspection machine manufacturers have designed special machines that help fabric inspectors to carry out the folding process smoothly and efficiently. 

Role of the Fabric Folding Machine During Fabric Inspection

Just like any other stage of the inspection process, fabric folding plays an equally vital role in delivering quality fabrics. For instance, the fabric inspector puts extra effort in checking the fabric quality, mapping, and cutting out defects. At the time of packaging and delivery, however, the fabric gets elongated or distressed. The output then is considered as low-quality fabric. Instead, if the fabrics are folded using an efficient, tech-driven fabric folding machine, the properties of the fabric stay intact. Besides, the automated process leads to higher efficiency in the production process.

  • The folding machine lets fabric inspectors deliver the fabrics after the inspection in neat, presentable fold-form.
  • The high-tech folding machines are equipped with several automated features that improve productivity and minimize waste.
  • Doubling, lapping, and measuring the fabrics are some of its major functions in the inspection and grading process.
  • You can equip these machines with an auto-cutter to ensure accurate length cutting of fabrics as per the required length.

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B-Tex Fabric Folding Machines

With an aim to uplift your quality fabric inspection processes, B-Tex delivers a wide range of high-tech fabric inspection and make-up machinery. Our fabric folding machine is one of these tech-driven systems that enable efficient folding of fabrics. For different types and sizes of fabrics, we have different machines to ensure optimum output. 

With the years of experience and Italian technology put together, we have devised the B-Tex double folding machine. It’s a feature-rich machine designed for the efficient production of fabrics.



Fabric folding mahine 

(Model: BDFM)


Some of the significant features of this fabric folding machine are:

  • Tension controlled compensator
  • Multi-drive synchronization
  • Efficient fabric edge guider
  • Lapping on strawboard
  • Anti-slip mechanism
  • Accurate length counter and auto-cutter

Apart from the BDFM machine, we also deliver other customized folding machines to match the inspection and grading requirements of our clients. You can check out our feature-packed folding machines here.

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Every stage in the fabric inspection process plays an essential role in determining the end result of fabric output. At B-Tex, we deliver end-to-end customized solutions to our clients with an aim to improve the productivity of the fabric inspection and grading systems.

If you are looking for folding machine or any inspection and grading solutions, you can get in touch with us here.