Decoding The Role Of Fabric Rolling Machine In Textile Industry

Fabric rolling machines are follow-up textile industry equipment for rolling up all kinds of cloth into cylindrical rolls. The technology deployed is primarily focused on fabric care. You can use this machine to inspect, measure, and roll fabrics for ease of storage and transportation. Hence, making it one of the most necessary equipment for the textile and garment industries. Let’s discuss some of its major features and understand its role in the textile industry.


Some of the main features of fabric rolling machines are:

  • Lets you inspect the cloth with a focus on fabric care
  • Provides consistent fabric roll output
  • Allows accurate counting of fabric length
  • Removes the creases before rolling the cloth
  • Provides roll cradle for unwinding the fabric roll
  • Gives the option to install linear fabric end-cutter

The Role of Fabric Rolling Machine In Textile Industry

The fabric rolling machine can roll all kinds of fabrics. The mechanical length counter lets you control and measure the length of the fabric. You can further install an electronic counter for better convenience. Also, you can equip the machine with an automatic edge aligning function. Using it, you just need to position the first paragraph of cloth in the machine. Thereafter, it will get the full length of cloth rolled up with an automatically aligned edge. With the B- Tex rolling machine, you can equip it with an additional anti-slip mechanism for the smooth rolling of the fabric.

The rolling machine can efficiently reduce manual operating frequency and times. It is more efficient than the traditional manual rolling technique with a variable speed meter that lets you adjust the required speed. Thus, it facilitates cost-cutting, requires you to deploy only a single skilled operator.

The rolling machine reduces the waste of fabrics during its process of inspection and rolling. Thus, contributing to mankind and protecting the environment in terms of minimizing the exploitation of resources. Besides, the textile industries are increasingly favoring the installation of automatic techniques in the machine as it further eases the process. This has led to a speedy up-gradation of the textile industries by developing it in the direction of automation and intelligence.

Different Fabric Rolling Machines Available With B- Tex

B- Tex Rolling Machine (BRM-RR)

The B- Tex Rolling Machine (BRM-RR) is a winding tool with its primary focus on fabric care. The BRM consists of a photocell-controlled edge guider, which delivers straight and presentable rolls. It can also be equipped with a highly accurate electronic length counter meter. The anti-crease roller in BRM removes all creases before rolling the cloth. To know more about its features, take a look at the product.

B- Tex Rolling Machine (BRM-TR)

B- Tex Table Rolling Machine (BRM-TR) is similar to fabric B rolling with a laminated table. It is a basic inspection machine for rolling fabrics into cylindrical rolls. Users can adjust the table from 0 to 70 degrees as per the requirements. The BRM-TR consists of 6 free rollers cradle to guide the fabric. Take a close look at the product here.

B- Tex: Your One-Stop Solution For Textile Machinery

We at B- Tex Textile Machinery, are a seasoned inspection machine manufacturer, skilled at designing specialized hi-tech inspection machines. We aim at creating reliable and sustainable solutions for fabric inspection and make-up machinery to meet your requirements. Our fabric rolling machines are designed to aid you in delivering premium grade fabric with no anomalies. To buy fabric rolling machine from us or for further inquiry, contact us here!