Comparing The Automated Cutting System With Hand Cutting Process Of Fabrics

Automated Cutting machine

Mapping and cutting of fabrics follow up the fabric inspection process in the garment factories. Upon completion, it gets sent to end-garment production units takes place. Fabric cutting plays a significant role in determining the quality of end-garments, like all the other stages of inspection. Inaccuracy in cutting out the defects or cutting the fabrics into specified sizes can hinder the later production stages. Therefore, fabric manufacturers take great care during this process. Earlier, there was manual handling of the cutting process but, with the advent of technology, manufacturers have shifted to the automated cutting system. In this article, let’s compare the hand cutting and automated cutting methods and analyze why the automatic system is so preferable.

Hand Cutting System

The hand cutting process is the most basic method of cutting fabrics into predetermined lengths. In this process, the inspectors perform a visual check and cut the fabric into specified lengths. The machines involved in the process are also simple and do it manually. 

The biggest problem with this system is the high risk of inaccurate sizes due to the involvement of multiple operators. Every operator is different, and thus the result might contain inconsistencies in terms of specified lengths. Besides, a single operator may not be able to complete the major assignments. So, manual cutting increases labor deployment. Additionally, the manual process is time-consuming and might as well increase wastage of resources due to all the inconsistencies.

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Automated Cutting System

The automated system can help you overcome any deficiency in the hand cutting process. It is a technology-driven method of cutting fabrics into specified lengths. In the automated cutting process, first, the fabric is spread in the spreader machine. Mostly, it is carried out through the auto-spreader mode. Then, the fabric inspector checks the material and maps the defects found in it. Once this process is complete, the fabric is auto-cut according to the specifications and auto-packed in the auto-cut-pack machine.

The auto-cutting system has several benefits over the hand cutting system. To name a few, these are some of its advantages:

  • It is time-efficient and can process large assignments in less time. 
  • There is no need for multiple workers. A single operator can carry out the process with maximum efficiency. 
  • The automated system helps reduce the amount of wastage in the process due to its consistency and accuracy. 
  • The heavy-duty auto-cut machines can maximize the production of high-quality fabric rolls.

A Technology-Driven System For Fabric Cutting

The automated cutting process is relatively expensive than employing a bunch of workers. Even then, why does fabric inspectors and manufacturers prefer the auto-cut machines? 

Trying to reduce that cost is a short-sighted plan. The manual process might be cheaper than the automated system, but it involves several inadequacies. Being time-consuming, inconsistent, and increasing wastages are a few of them. On the other hand, as we discussed earlier, auto-cutting machines are highly productive and minimize wastage in the process. Therefore, the extra initial investment involved in this method is considered worthwhile by fabric manufacturers and textile experts. Besides, manufacturers prefer to enhance productivity with a quality system rather than cost-cutting and degrading production quality.

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