A Study On Knitted Fabric Inspection In Textile And Apparel Industry

knitted fabric inspection

Knitted Fabrics are manufactured with one continuous thread and are analogous to the continuous yarn used for hand knitting. Created from inter-looping of yarns or inter-meshing of loops in lieu of multiple warp yarns used in woven fabrics, the textile is more flexible than other fabric types. With the distinguishing properties, knitted fabrics are crafted with precision to avoid fabric rejection in later stages of garment production. 

As customers have become mindful of low-quality garment issues, fabric manufacturers are getting more cautious about producing quality materials. Knitted mills are constantly trying to improve their quality and productivity with high-tech inspection and manufacturing machines. As a result, the inspection machine manufacturers are proffering specialized machinery for inspecting knitted fabrics quality to ensure high productivity. 

Benefits Of Using Knitted Fabric Inspection Machines

As the attributes of knitted fabrics differ from other fabric types, most knitted mills favor deploying specialized machinery for their inspection. Here are some of the benefits of using a knitted fabric inspection machine:

  • The high-tech machines are efficient in increasing the quality production of knitted fabric rolls.
  • They help reduce waste in the production process.
  • The various automated technologies help guide the fabric and prevent fabric stretch and width variation.
  • Their ability to run with a single operator reduces unnecessary labor deployment.
  • With high-end productivity, these machines deliver fabrics in presentable rolls.

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Knitted Fabric Inspection With B-Tex

With years of industry experience, B-Tex has intricately devised different sets of machines for the smooth inspection of knitted fabrics. These are high-tech, fully PLC controlled machines that enable fabric synchronization and ensures crease-free fabric inspection. Let’s take a look at the main specifications of our knitted fabric inspection machines.

The BIM-IRR Machine

This machine is specially designed for inspecting delicate fabrics like silks, knits, and elastics. It can easily identify defects and incorrect sizes in the knitted fabrics, enabling correction of defects and quality production of fabrics.

knitted fabric insprection

(Model: BIM-IRR)

The machine is equipped with a multi-drive synchronization technology that controls fabric tension and lets you deliver edge-aligned, compact fabric rolls. The anti-crease rollers ensure that creases are removed before rolling. Being an automated machine, it is resource-efficient. Learn more about this machine here.

The BIM-KRR Machine

This inspection machine is designed with Italian know-how for smooth inspection of delicate fabrics like silks, knits, and elastics. Its PLC controlled technology enables fabric synchronization with 6 drives at the micro-level. 

knitted fabric inspection machine

(Model: BIM-KRR)

The automated machine can efficiently run with a single operator and ensures zero stretch fabric without width variation. Learn more about this high-tech machine here.

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As the knitted fabric characteristics differ from other fabric types, their inspection must be conducted through specialized machinery. Doing so limits the amount of waste in the process and ensures that the quality of the fabrics is kept intact. If you are looking to buy knitted fabric inspection machines, B-Tex is the one-stop solution for you! Drop us a line at info@btex.com or call us at 9820474553 to schedule a demo of our inspection machines.